The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group is considering changes to the Cypremort Point State Park Improvements Project initially approved in the July 2018 Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment #4. One component of the project has already been completed by the State of Louisiana with other funds, so we’ll be considering new alternatives.

In Restoration Plan #4, the Louisiana TIG selected 19 projects intended to compensate for recreational use opportunities that were lost as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Among them was the Cypremort Project at an estimated cost of $4.48 million.

The project proposed enhancing fishing and recreational opportunities, providing new opportunities for recreational and educational use, restoring beaches for recreation and wildlife habitat, and protecting coastal nearshore marine habitats and recreational infrastructure.

Project components in the approved project include beach restoration, marsh boardwalk and trail construction, road and jetty repairs, and replacement of the breakwater system that helps protect the park’s recreational beach.

Since the finalization of Restoration Plan #4, the Louisiana Office of State Parks identified alternative funds and completed the breakwater system component of this project.  Therefore, we will now consider other alternatives to the breakwater system project element.

Once proposed changes are developed, we will make them available for public review and comment in a draft supplemental restoration plan.  After the public comment period ends, we will review, consider, and address public comments, as appropriate, before selecting an alternatives for implementation in a final supplement to Restoration Plan #4.