The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group is continuing restoration planning to address injuries caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and we would like your input regarding natural resource restoration opportunities in Louisiana. We will consider a range of restoration activities under the “Birds” and “Restore and Conserve Wetlands, Coastal, and Nearshore Habitats” restoration types.

You can find information on these restoration types and criteria we use to evaluate project ideas in the Trustees’ Programmatic Restoration Plan and its “Restoring Natural Resources” chapter.

You may submit new project ideas, or revise something you’ve already submitted, through the Trustee Council or Louisiana project idea submission portals by January 17, 2020.

  • Trustee Council Portal: If you have already submitted ideas for these restoration types to the Trustee Council portal, you are not required to resubmit them. You can edit your existing project idea in the Trustee database at any time by following steps listed there.
  • Louisiana Portal: If you have already submitted project ideas to the Louisiana portal in connection with other Louisiana restoration planning efforts, including Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan and Deepwater Horizon restoration planning efforts, you do not need to resubmit those ideas either. Instead, email, and reference simply reference the project name and date of submittal of your previous proposal(s), and we will consider them in this planning effort.
  • Projects submitted after the deadline will be considered in future restoration planning efforts.

We will consider projects that address the restoration types listed above, and may develop one or more draft restoration plans. We may also develop our own restoration projects for consideration. The public will be given the opportunity to review and provide input on a draft restoration plan, including specific projects proposed for implementation. After the public comment period ends, we will review, consider, and incorporate public comments, as appropriate, before releasing a final restoration plan.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. We look forward to considering your restoration project ideas.