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Public Participation

For more than 10 years, Louisiana, through its RRP Program, has solicited and integrated public input regarding the types of restoration projects that could best compensate the public for natural resource damages caused by oil spills. Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Louisiana trustees engaged coastal stakeholders through a variety of public outreach and coordination efforts to discuss NRDA, the restoration planning process, and potential restoration projects specifically related to the spill. Louisiana trustees met frequently with stakeholders, both individually and collectively, to convey information and solicit suggestions. For example, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana and the Louisiana Oyster Advisory Committee hold monthly public meetings in which these issues were and continue to be discussed.

From these recent outreach efforts, and the State‚Äôs existing RRP Program, Louisiana compiled a list of potential projects for restoration of State natural resources injured as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Project ideas received through June 25, 2011 were considered for the initial round of early restoration; however, the Louisiana trustees continue to accept restoration project ideas. To submit a project idea online, click here.  Projects submitted after June 25, 2011, as well as those projects not proposed for this initial phase of early restoration planning, may be considered for future stages of both early and comprehensive NRDA restoration planning.

Louisiana remains committed to public outreach and engagement. Visit our calendar  for a list of upcoming meeting dates and locations.