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Work Plan for the Collection of Data to Determine the Impacts on Endangered and Protected Marine Mammals in the Northern Gulf

Phase: Pre-assessment
Resource Category: Aquatic
Resource Subgroup: Marine Mammals & Turtles
Collection Time Frame: 6/16/2010 - 11/23/2010
Event Type: Workplan
Incident: Deepwater Horizon (MSC 252) NRDA Case
Keyword(s): NRDA, Pre-assessment, Aquatic, Marine Mammals, Endangered marine mammals, Contaminant Chemistry
NRDA Workplan:

 Map Data
 Contaminant Chemistry Sample Results
Water: Gordon Gunter Cruise 6 - AUG 2-8 2010
File TypeFile Name
Tabulated ResultsWater: Gordon Gunter Cruise 6 - AUG 2-8 2010
Data DictionaryData Dictionary
Data Validation ReportsData Validation Reports