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The “Louisiana Plan” Projects

On July 11, 2011, Governor Bobby Jindal unveiled the “Louisiana Plan” which outlines 13 initial proposed early restoration projects. The proposed projects come in many forms including marsh restoration, barrier island restoration, shoreline projection measures, resource-specific projects, and projects aimed at addressing impacts to our citizens’ ability to use Louisiana’s natural resources. The projects are consistent with Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan; they are consistent with the criteria outlined in the early restoration framework agreement and applicable regulations; and they support the goal of compensating the public for natural resource injuries resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Additionally, the proposed projects reflect the ideas and input of a variety of coastal stakeholders and are complementary to the overall restoration goals for the State of Louisiana.

Projects that are not selected in this initial phase of early restoration negotiations may be considered for future stages of both early and final restoration. Louisiana continues to accept restoration project submittals. To submit a project proposal online, click here.  

There will be an opportunity for public review and comment on draft early restoration plans. The State of Louisiana remains committed to outreach and public engagement and will continue in these efforts throughout the NRDA.
Project Name Approximate Cost ($)
Oyster Reestablishment Program (Louisiana Oyster Cultch Project) $15 M
Saltwater Hatchery $48 M
Shell Island - Larger Lobe $110 M
Chandeleur Islands Restoration $65 M
Biloxi Marsh Shoreline Protection Phase 2 $45 M
Lake Hermitage Additional Increment - (Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation – NRDA Early Restoration Project) $13.9 M
Grand Liard Marsh & Ridge Restoration   $31.3 M
Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration $44 M
Bay Side Segmented Breakwater at Grand Isle $3.3 M
West Grand Terre Beach $9 M
West Grand Terre Stabilization $3 M
Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration - Caminada Headland $75 M
Maintain Land bridge between Caillou Lake and Gulf of Mexico $71 M