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What is NRDA Restoration?

NRDA restoration means any action, or combination of actions, to restore, rehabilitate, replace, or acquire the equivalent of injured natural resources and services.

Primary Restoration
Primary restoration includes actions conducted by trustees to return injured natural resources to the condition that would have existed if the incident had not occurred. Some natural resources might recover very slowly, or not even recover at all, from injuries due to an oil spill. Trustees are authorized to conduct primary restoration to speed the recovery of the injured resources, such as reconstructing physical habitat or taking measures to protect or increase the population of an affected endangered species.

Compensatory Restoration
Compensatory restoration includes actions conducted by the trustees to address the natural resource injuries and services lost that accrue from the date of injury until recovery to the condition the resource would have been in but for the spill. While the resource is impaired, it is unable to provide services on which other parts of the ecosystem and the public rely. Trustees are authorized to implement compensatory restoration projects to compensate the public for these interim losses.